Anastasia is 3!

My daughter Anastasia, turned  3!
Just like every parent say about their children,  now it’s my turn to be amused – ” I can’t believe she is that big! When did it happen?”.


Anastasia is a summer child (since she was born on the first day of summer). She decided to  support the trend in our family (just like her mom and dad 🙂 ) – to have a birthday on or around big holiday. So this year her birthday and the Father’s Day were the same day.

Right now she is having a “Thomas Period” – an obsession with “Thomas &  Friends” cartoon. No wonder that was the theme of her birthday party. Decorations, plates, cups, presents – everything with Thomas and other main characters. And of course the birthday cake! Yes, with Thomas 🙂


Happy Birthday, Buggy!

We LOVE you So Much!

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