B. Family | San-Francisco Bay Area Family Photography (South Bay)

It is always nice to get together with fellow photographers and just take pictures for practice.
But it’s also very challenging when you have a session in the middle of the park in harsh light with sun peaking through the branches and leaves…  In the begining of August. In California. With no clouds. Yeah…
Practice is practice. It’s good to have this not perfect environment, not perfect lighting and to push yourself out of your comfort zone. And it’s very-very challenging (I guess I mentioned that before :))

Special thanks goes to the  B.Family (especially to boys who were so nice and very well behaved!) – For being so nice to come over and play along with few photographers
To Sarina – thank you so, so much for organizing this MeetUp!

Few images from this photo session:

Family photography session San-Francisco Bay area Photographer

Fun Family Photography Session - San-Francisco Bay Area Photography

Two Brothers - fun family photography session  shoot in San-Francisco Bay Area

Fun and challenging family photography session in San-Francisco Bay area

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