~ California green-s ~

Hello! How was your week?
It was raining almost all week here in Northern California.
There seems to be some virus going around (and all our family had it – the little one started that cycle 🙁 ) – Everybody around is sneezing, coughing and have runny noses. It makes me want to stay at home all the time, crawl under a fussy blanket with the cup of hot chocolate, or better a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks 🙂 .
But on the Up side  – after all this rain and a little sunshine nature starts to show great colors – magnolia trees start to bloom, I think I saw some flowers on cherry trees too. And hills, I bet hills are all green. We need to go for a car trip to check it out!


I installed a new type of gallery for this blog. From now on I will not overwhelm you with the long list of big size images anymore. Instead there will be a gallery of the small preview squares and if you would like to see picture in big size, you just have to click on the preview and the full version photo will slide out. How cool is that?! :))  Click on any picture below to see what I’m talking about:

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