David duChemin in San-Francisco

Have you ever met an author?
A real, published one?
The one that has more than one book published and in more than one language?
And the author whom you admire and really-really share his point-of-view?

I did!  (where is animated smiley doing happy dance?)

This past Wednesday. In San-Francisco.

And if you are a photographer, you might be jealous! or Must be :))
Because it was  …

David duChemin

He announced on his blog that he wants to have a small get-together Tweet-Up party with local photographers and there was a room for 17 people.
First come – first serve.

I should tell you – David is not just awesome photographer, but a warm and really approachable person.
He shares the same approach and philosophy when you talk to him, as he does through his books.

Days before this Tweet-Up I was feeling nervous about meeting celebrity, and on Wednesday it didn’t feel like that at all. David du Chemin and all photographers that came for this party were so nice, talkative, fun and sharing.
I kind of want to repeat this experience now 🙂

Thank You David for hosting this.
and Thank You Peachpit for awesome books that you’ve offered to everybody!

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