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It seems, if feels like I’ve learned so much in the past few days.
A lot of things *in general  and also —
Some things about myself.

I went to World Wide Photo Walk for the first time . Very happy that I did, even though I had to drag myself out of the bed at 7am on Saturday morning
…. Well, actually, it’s not true. My daughter helped me with that (getting up in the morning :)) – she was my personal alarm.

I’ve met people. So many interesting people.

Also this weekend I’ve listened and watched (mostly listen though) to David duChemin talk, explain, express and teach. I can’t think of any other well known, established photographer who’ve had as much impact, influence on me so far as David duChemin on this past weekend  three-day webinar . I did a lot of nodding, smiling and laughing, making comments into the air (while wearing my wireless headphones and listening to all those words).

“Our vision naturally extends beyond what we can do. That’s what makes it fun and a challenge.” ~ David duChemin

I guess (I start to feel) that I’m on the new mission (aside from other important things like packages, books, cooking and cleaning, reading and “taking care of… so many different and unrelated things).

I feel like I’m on the track to … discover.
Something about me.
Something about *my vision

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