.English magic

My relationship with the English language is very-very complicated.
I know this language is mad at me for constantly forgetting to add a and the articles, writing in weird sentence structures …
It is so mad, that even though I wanted to learn to do everything right, the universe sent me a not-so-great teacher for my English 1A at the community college. He made my … connection to  English grammar and article writing even more… mmmm ….uncomfortable, uninspiring and sad.

I know I can’t blame one person for  everything, I know that “I’m a big girl and should know better …. “, and also “practice makes perfect” … blah-blah-blah…

But I really want to make an appointment with the hypnotherapist (or magician), who will put me to sleep, say some magic words and I will wake up 30 minutes later knowing how to write eloquent sentences with perfect punctuation.

And never ever again have a trouble expressing my thoughts, ideas and emotions in English.

… poof…!

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