Ewa | San-Francisco Bay Area Portrait Photography

I know Ewa for a long time. From day 2, since I got to United States. So we have a long history there :))
She now live in Connecticut and came to visit me and my family last month. We had a lot of fun 😉 we went to different places together and of course I took pictures of her!



This next one set of pictures I call a-la “Sex and the City” style :)) I don’t know, I have associations with the series 🙂



We went to Treasure Island to see San-Francisco from there:


And here she was taking pictures of me… and having a picture-taking-training (almost), so we can work together in a team someday:


Do you want to be my friend?! Are you ready to jump for me? :)) not once, not twice… but many-many-many times, till I get enough shots, so I can make a small animation to put on my blog?! or maybe more than one :))
Ewa did it for me 🙂 and she was wearing dress at the time! :))
She probably will want to kill me, that i put this animation on my blog (and post it on my Facebook page) but she is just such a  talented jumper, that I can’t resist! :)))


so do you still want to be my friend? :)) you can add me as one on the Facebook or Twitter 🙂

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