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It’s April.
It’s spring on the calendar.
It also means that a deadline to file your taxes is approaching fast.
This year there is a 3 day extension, and we have till April 18, 11:59pm to file tax returns with IRS.

This year I’ve been (and hopefully will continue being) a volunteer at VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Oakland, CA site, helping people to file their 1040, Schedule A,┬áSchedule┬áC, self-employment forms with IRS.


For almost 1000 clients served this year, no one had to pay for the services provided.

For example, yesterday, I worked with a gentlemen, who tried to take his financial statements to H&R Block. Tax preparers there told him that he will have to pay hundreds of dollars to IRS, but on top of that he would need to pay couple hundreds $$$ to the H&R Block. He didn’t like that deal.
He made appointment with VITA.
And got the same $$$ number from my computations – minus $200 in fees.
He was happy, glad, content.

And that’s a great experience for the volunteer {me} – to work hard and be appreciated.


So if you live in San-Francisco Bay Area, and you (or someone you know) didn’t file a tax return for 2010 tax year, there is still time to make an appointment with VITA.
Just call (510) 287-5353 to make an appointment!
This site will be open every day this week and even on April 18!

And you know, I take my camera everywhere, so I just had to capture few shots from Tax Preparation Site:

volunteer-free income tax preparation in san-francisco bay area, oakland, CA

volunteer-free income tax preparation

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