Free 20+ Collage Templates

Free collage templates for Lightroom 3

I created these templates to use in Lightroom 3 (I’m so happy that Lightroom now lets us create layouts!).

I use these collage templates for my blogs andor Flickr uploads. A lot of times I don’t want to over-crowd a blog post with 20+ images posted one-by-one, so I think collages are a great way to post numerous photos in one blog entry. And using and inserting images into Lightroom 3 template (collage or album, or photo-book) is much easier than to do the same in Photoshop.

Templates for  Lightroom 3 are installed and used in Print Mode Panel. You can read installation instructions HERE.

<<Click here to see download these templates  >>

(you can find Download Button on the bottom of the page)

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