Free 3-day-Webinar – David duChemin

You know about CreativeLive website, right?  If you don’t – you should!!! It is  a really generous servicewebsite! They have series of FREE webinars on different subjects – mostly photography-related, also about web-design, art, painting… Just go and check their calendar for upcoming webinar schedule

Weekend long – FREE webinar with David duChemin

  • Workshop: Vision-Driven Photography
  • Instructor: David duChemin
  • Date: Weekend Workshop – July 23-25
  • Join David duChemin, author of the best-selling Within The Frame, as he teaches you how to use your camera and the digitial darkroom to find and express your vision as a photographer.

Here is a description from David duChemin’s blog:

“On Friday July 23rd we begin a workshop in Seattle, filmed live to the internet and everyone is invited, for free. It goes all day Saturday and all day Sunday, and you can tune in to as much or as little of it as possible. it’s also coinciding with Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk, so you’ll have a chance to get out and shoot, which is part of the whole workshop concept. For those that can’t make it, and those that want a copy to refer back to,  the filmed class will be available for purchase as well. But if all you want is free education, you got it. You’ll be able to participate too – even from the other side of the world – by asking questions in real-time. Very cool.”

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