Free PDF – The Photography Blog Handbook (from Photoshelter)

Photoshelter offers a new PDF guide for Photographers who blog (or those who want to start a blog):

“Whether you’re new to blogging or you’ve been doing it for years, our latest free business guide has information and tactics you can use immediately.
Smart photographers of all kinds are using blogs to help grow their website traffic, deepen client relationships, and build a bigger following. This guide will look at different strategies, resources, and success stories to help make blogging work for you.”

It is really interesting read and very useful resource for new and not-so-new photographers who blog. The guide has some “case studies” where blogs of established photographers are being reviewed and¬†analyzed¬†on the topics “what is special about that blog”, “what works and what doesn’t”, etc.

If I had to rate it (this PDF handbook) – I would give this guide a 4.5 star rating (High, because it’s the only one I know about that is aimed for Photographers and Photography Industry), but I would reserve 0.5 stars – because there are more useful guides about blogging, for bloggers (successful blogging) in the internet, but they don’t target Photo-blogs specifically.

More details about “The Photography Blog Handbook”:

“Learn the anatomy of a successful photography blog

In order to ensure that you’re aware of the must-have pieces that can make or break your blog, we deconstruct several photographers’ blogs to show you some smart approaches used by other photographers like you.
We show you how to choose the best blogging platform, blog design best practices, and how to outfit your blog with features that will make your photos look their best and improve the visibility of your work to Google.

Will your photography business benefit from blogging?

We address the biggest challenges photographers face – what to write and how much time to spend doing it. We’ve done the research and written an extensive list of strategies you can use to create content your clients will love using the work you’re already doing.
If you’re still unsure about whether blogging is a good idea for your business, we’ll also cover why you should have a blog as well, and if it makes sense to even be blogging in the first place.”

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