Free Photography Books

I personally haven’t lived in other state, so I can’t say for sure about other states ….

but in California  you can get a card form you local library, then get books and magazines to read (free of course :))
Then go through thousands of items in their online catalog and order them online. You can choose a pick-up location and system will notify you via phone or email when your item is ready for pick-up (or you can check a status online)
and if your county libraries don’t have books – you can search LINK+ for the books that you want to read. Link+ usually will search all the public libraries in your state and show you if there are available copies of the book you are looking for for you to order and read.

In the past I’ve gotten books (photography and art related) shipped to me from Los-Angeles and San-Diego – all for free. I was able to hold and read those books for 3-6 weeks.

Also, note that your local library catalog (if you are in USA) will have online resources listed there too. It means that if you have a library card, you’ll get an access to e-books and can borrow them for 3-6 weeks (+ download to your Kindle, Sony Reader or any computer with any system) and also you can read Safari Books online.

Here is the list of “Digital Photography” books you can access on Safari Books website free (with your library card) –  VIEW LIST HERE

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