Free webinar – “Art On Art – Composition: Point of View” from LiveBooks

LiveBooks has a FREE webinar available OnDemand right now – “Art On Art – Composition: Point of View” with Art Wolfe
It’s a recording of the webinar that was live online in 2009, but Livebooks saved it, so you can watch it at any time.
Here is the description of this 1-hour webinar:

“On June 10, 2009 Art will discuss point of view. Art will show how the placement of the camera and photographer can optimize the visual impact of an image. A photograph of elephants taken at ground level has a different effect than one taken from the air; one places the animals in context and creates immediacy while the aerial emphasizes pattern.”

If you want to watch it right now (or any time that is convenient to you):

<<Click Here To Watch This FREE Webinar Now>>

p.s. you will need to enter your name and email and then the system will redirect you to the webinar page

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