Free Webinar – “Break the Mold” – Eclectic Elegance with Blair Phillips

Sandy Puc’ Presents
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“Break the Mold”
Eclectic Elegance – Blair Phillips

“Do you ever find yourself saying, “We don’t have locations like that where we live?” or “Who couldn’t get that image with a setting like that?” Eclectic has been used to describe Blair Phillips Photography, plus a little hairspray! Imagine a high school senior in her prom dress in the middle of a junkyard; a bride with her bridesmaids in an abandoned warehouse; a family in a vintage fire truck graveyard. Using these unusual settings, found in typical places, have set Blair Phillips’ images apart while mixing eclectic lighting, eclectic poses and eclectic places.”

Oct. 13, 2010 6 PM Pacific Time

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