Free Webinar – Jasmine Star – Wedding Photography

If you are reading this blog then there is a great chance (like 99%) that you are a photographer (or aspiring photographer) right?
So… (*logical conclusion) –  there is a great chance that you know The Star. Jasmine Star. Well known and so-much-loved famous (A-list?!) wedding photographer.
If you don’t know Jasmine (at least online) – …. then I assume, you are either new to the Professional Photography Industry … or you just don’t use internet (and therefore, you are not reading this blog anyway :)).

… Because everybody, i mean Everybody who is serious about Photography Business (especially Wedding Photography Business) know about Jasmine Star.

And yes, since it’s a “Photo-Treasury” | Free resources for Photographers blog (emphasis on FREE). Here comes a Free partbonusdescription of that FREE webinar with Jasmine Star (presented you by *my personal favorite CreativeLIVE):

  • Workshop: Wedding Photography
  • Instructor: Jasmine Star
  • Date: Extended Workshop – August 25-29
  • Watch it LIVE!

What happens when celebrated photographer Jasmine Star teams up with creativeLIVE for a online wedding photography course? Stay tuned for all the details, but plan for one epic event!

Join us during a special weekly series leading up to the workshop: A Fabulous Wedding in Just 4 Weeks, on Mondays at noon, Pacific time. (See our calendarfor your local times.)

<< Click Here To Watch the Introductory Video with Jasmine Star and to Register for her 4-day Webinar >>

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