Free Webinar – Lightroom 3 – Raw Workflow (PSH)

Did you upgrade to Lightroom 3? Did you see all the upgrades and new features (expecially noise reduction panelsliders? :))

Photography School House is offerring a new FREE webinar this time on Lightroom 3 and the way wedding and portrait photographers are using Lightroom 3 in their workflow (raw images)

“Join Feature Photographer Kerry Allan as he takes Lightroom 3 through it’s paces and shows how the new features and improvements make it a world class post production system.

If you have not been using Lightroom, or have been using an earlier version, see why Lightroom 3 is worth the change.


  • How to integrate Photoshop
  • How to change your workflow thinking
  • Presets and actions
  • Shave hours off your post production

Price is FREE

Monday Sept. 13 , 6PM Pacific Time – Price Free
Click Here to sign up (Requires PSH membership – also Free)

Not a PSH Member? Click here to sign up for free

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