Free WordPress blog themes for photographers

Seems like more and more photographers are using blogs. Either for blogging or hosting the whole website. And majority of them are using WordPress ( it is)
In the past few months I’ve installed and helped to modify quite a few wordpress themes for fellow photographers. Most of those themes were initially FREE.

Here are few of them:

1. Tofurious WordPress Themes for Professional Photographers:

<< Click Here to download Tofurious Theme 1>>

<< Click Here to Download Tofurious Theme #2  (released 9/20/2010) >>

please, note that to get Tofurious wordpress themes for free you will need to sign up to his newsletter and you will get an archive as an attachment to the email.

2. SLR Lounge WordPress Themes:

<< View and Download this (or other two) WordPress Themes from SLR lounge here >>


I hope these templates will help you!
If you need any help with installing andor customizing any of these templates on your website – you can hire me and I will do it for you 😉 . Just send me an email using Contact Page

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