Hiking | El Cerrito, CA

I like our community in El Cerrito.
This city is so great at organizing kid-friendly activities like Halloween party, Breakfast with Santa, Egg hunt on Easter.
There is also 4th of July festival, movies in the park… and many more smaller events.

And then there are parks and playgrounds (even though I wish there were more playgrounds, I’m still happy that there are quite more than in Emeryville where we’ve used to live before)

The hiking area of  El Cerrito Memorial Grove (El Cerrito Hillside Nature Area) is one of the best every-day retreats. It’s not far away – a 10-minutes walking distance from out home; I can take my daughter for a walk there, we can go there together for a “family walk” in the afternoon, or I can take my camera there for my personal “time-out”



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