I’m back

Hello my poor, neglected blog!
I know, I’ve been gone for too long – not answering comments, not deleting spam, not updating WordPress plugins
but I have a good excuse.
I (we) were enjoying ‘heat wave’, swimming pool and a company of numerous family members (and family-to-be) in Florida. It was a great and relaxing vacation week.

and I am very thankful for:
* being a part of such a great family
* sunshine and warm water
* smooth take off and landing (x 4) performed by pilots of Southwest Airlines (best airline so far)
* getting a great (and free!) haircut from Margaret – my talented and super-busy sister-in-law
* all the presents, attention and other treats that Anastasia got from grandparents
* all the time, experiences, food, entertainment, Disney, Princesses ….
* … and so much more!

Thank You!

I will post more pictures soon. I promise!

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