Interview with Yulia Birzhanova

Internet is a Contemporary Wonderland!

You can do anything you want, you can meet people and make new friends.
Even if you live one ocean apart with 11-hour time difference.

Today I want to introduce you to my friend Yulia Birzhanova. She is an amazing photographer from Moscow, Russia.
She specialize in Children and Baby Photography, but she also take pictures of baptism ceremonies and birthday parties.

Her images had been featured in Russian Edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, numerous contests and exhibitions (I can’t keep a track of all the things she does! :))

She is really amazing, productive photographer.
And I decided to ask few questions, have a mini-interview and translate Yulia’s answers to English (please note , that I am not a professional translator at all).

Биржанова Юлия/ Birzhanova Yulia

г. Москва, Россия / Moscow, RUSSIA

When did you become interested in photography? How did it happen?

I became very interested in photography in 2006 when I started to take classes in Photography School.  Since then my camera became my constant companion.

But I was always interested in taking pictures.
Actually, a year ago, while going through the family archive, I found a print that I made when I was 12 (which is almost 18 years ago).
I think it’s the earliest photo made by me, that had survived to this day.

Why did you decide to take photography to professional level? Why Photography and not some other career?

It was a long and hard path until photography became my profession.
I had a lot to lose – I was working as an accountant, had a bachelors degree in economics.
But at some point I realised that all this (accounting) doesn’t interest me at all.
When I take pictures and edit them later – I forget about time, the whole world stop existing for me. I’m really enjoying this process.

In today’s world it’s a great luxury to do what you love. But it is also the greatest pleasure.

Where do you find ideas, inspiration for photo sessions? Do you prepare and make a list of poses and settings you want to photograph, or you just go with the flow and get ideas during the photoshoot?

I have my “bag of tricks”, ideas that always work during photography sessions.
There are also different people, types of clients – some will  offer their own ideas for the photographs.  With others – you just need to watch and observe, and ideas will come  “from the air”. And there is another type of people whom I need to direct – how to stand, where to put their hands, what to do with the body, etc.

But I know how to work with any type of clients.

What would you recommend to people wo are just starting with photography?

Learn, learn, learn.
Accept constructive criticism and do not be upset with it. Some beginning photographers can’t handle any criticism, even from their teachers. They don’t realise that by listening for advise they can learn much faster than learning by themselves, by their own mistakes and no input from other photographers.

A special advise for anybody who want to have interesting and fulfilling life and career?

– never give up
– listen to your intuition
– love yourself and your interests

do all three and Universe will give you an opportunity to do something that you love most of all.

I believe in that!

All images in this post – copyright (c) Yulia Birzhanova

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