Keep the Blog Content Personal or Business? or Mix?

To write personal posts or not?

That’s the latest debate in the blog world.

Which side to choose?
Blog only about clients and vendors?
Update Facebook Fan Page and Twitter with questions like “What’s Your Health Insurance?”
or to keep everything strictly business?

English-language blogs are mostly themed. Bloggers choose theme – write about time management, professional photography, tutorials or just family blog. Usually when you read somebody’s blog – you know what you will get, what all the posts are about and what to expect (industry wise) next week.

Russian blog-o-sphere is all mix. Visit LiveJournal, LiveInternet or blogging spots (similar to – and you will see people mixing and matching information. They might screen and hand-pick who will be able to see personal posts, but a lot of times you will read a post from a photographer, or a writer, describing their visit to the restaurant, or showing snapshots of what presents they got for their birthday.

I think mix is good.
Mix keeps blog personal, unique and… just approachable.

But of course it’s just my personal opinion 🙂

Rainy night + 4 year old child + flashlight that change colors + camera = fun and personal pictures

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