March. Change of activity.

For the entire month of February I was writing blog posts here, on this blog, every day.
Some of them were quite long, some just had pictures andor interesting quotes.

It was my personal self-imposed challenge – to blog every day.

Today, after successfully completing this assignment, I realized:
– that I can write in English and feel comfortable doing it. half of the time
Brining myself to write every day was a matter of creating a habit. And sometimes it felt like work with “I Have To”  motto.
Having a plan, list of blog post ideas is very helpful (and inspiring too). Even if you follow that list 50% of the time.
–  The more I write, the less I’m scared of writing.
– Lack of blog comments throughout all February actually inspired me. To really write What I Think and not What I Need To Write About. Freedom is really nice.
+ I think I am typing much faster now 🙂

I am taking a new challenge this month.
Now it’s a  personal “every-day-thing”


If feels nice and… strange …  so far.
Let’s see what I will think after March is over.


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