Monterey, CA

If you live in the San-Francisco Bay Area, you probably saw TV ads, spreads in newspapers with the Seahorses exhibit in Monterey Bay Aquarium. We went to see them. Well, we Wanted to see them. But in the end we didn’t. Because our 3-year-old Anastasia was not in the mood for the aquarium, sealife and crowds. Well… I guess that’s what happen when you have a child. Some days don’t work for doing certain things :))

No matter that we didn’t spend the whole day at the Aquarium, I still had few good pictures of the fishes, penguins, jellyfish (Oh, definitely, my favorites!!) and Monterey City itself.
Here are few of my favorites:



And my favorite jellyfishes – Outer Bay Exhibit:


And here is a Slideshow with more pictures. I still need to figure out the way how I can upload a slideshow to YouTube or Vimeo without losing the image quality.

Please, turn on your speakers – music that go together with the slideshow is really great (E.S. Posthumus -Antissa)

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