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As a mom, I love my daughter so much!

As a photographer  it’s… tricky… :)))

On one side,  it’s a  benefit to have a 3-year-old model in the house, available to you at any time.
But it’s also a big  … well, no, I should put it in Capital letters – a BIG = Huge = Enormous challenge, because I think my daughter developed a mild (or more than that)  allergy on the camera :))
Most of the time, even when we are outside and I tell her “Oh, Those are sooo pretty flowers, let’s take pictures of them” ….I will  hear a LOUD screaming…. “NOOOOOOO!!!!! I Don’t Want To Take Pictures!!!!!”. So I have to turn my camera off, and just accept , that it’s not a “picture-day” today.

Sometimes I can trick her… (oh … what’s going to happen when in few years she’ll be able to read this blog??!! :)) and make her pose for the camera! So I am very excited to have some pictures of her… actually posing and “working” for the camera. They are maybe not that perfect, but that’s the best what I could get out of her so far :))
Here they are:

Here are more pictures of my #1 Model :))  :

Click on the preview to see the photo in big size

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