Inspired by SouleMama and photo-project “This moment” – capturing and showing one photocollage from this week.
Some Fridays only a photo, and others – a photo and words.

If you are doing the same project and want to share a link, please leave a comment! I would Love to see your week in pictures!

week April 30 – May 6
4-year old and Webster’s Dictionary

I was thinking I can teach her how to use dictionary today.
I asked her to go to the book shelf, and “you see that book that says Spanish, and next to it is Russian, and then there is a red one? bring that red book over here”.
She grabbed Webster’s dictionary from the shelf and brought it to the kitchen.
“OK, let’s look for the word diligent. What’s the first letter? D-d-d-d-diligint….”  – “D!”
“Yes! Let’s look over here, on top of the page, what’s the first letter of the words?”
“Now we need to look what goes ofter D – d-eeee-ligent. What is the next letter?”
“E! it sound like an E”

and then she continued “Here, Mom, let me read you a story…” – she pulled the dictionary out of my hands, and started flipping through the pages. “Hmmm ….”  – more page flipping. “Oh, here is the chapter we finished last time.
Mom! M-u-m!
Here is the story of Princess Celestia, when she went through the forest and met Al…- AlexorEd. You know, he is a bad guy, who did …   ….. …. “


diligent [ˈdɪlɪdʒənt]


1. careful and persevering in carrying out tasks or duties
2. carried out with care and perseverance diligent work

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