Polaroid POGO Mini Printer

Everybody who knows me personally, or had ever been to my house and saw my desk area (and craft area) know I am in love with notebooks, journals, stationary, paper, office supplies in general.

My family knows that I can’t leave Staples, Office Depot or Joanns without buying something. Anything.
I’m getting better at that … (controlling my purchases… ) and  now I am able to … just look and get only few fliers (for free). Sometimes.

Well… this post is about a thing, cute little printer, that connects both of my passions – paper and photography.

and I am a proud owner of Polaroid POGO Printer.

It’s perfect – cute, rechargeable, prints from my phone (blue-tooth pairing)
Printed pictures are wallet size (like a  business card)  and the printing paper has a sticky back – I can peel the cover and stick it to the organizer, or journal, or notebook.

click on the preview below to see the image in big size:

so if you are looking for a handy tool, instant printer to print small pictures for your notebooks and journals, check this PoGo printer. You can even get it in pink or red color! 🙂

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