. quotes from Richard Bach book

I love to read.
And I always write down quotes from the books I am reading.
I usually copy them into my journal, so later (like today) I can go through those pages to re-read and re-think.

September 2005 – reading Messiah’s Handbook by Richard Bach:

”  •  It’s easy to live the expected and conventional.
it’s when you live the unexpected
that you start having fun with your life

• When you learn what this world is,
how it works,
you automatically start getting miracles…
what others will call miracles.

• No matter how qualified or deserving you are,
you will never reach a better life
until you can imagine it for yourself,
and allow yourself to have it.

• You don’t have to fight to live as you wish.
Live as you wish
and pay whatever price is required.  “

Pictures were taken in August, 2010

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