. About Reading

Do you read a lot?
Fiction? Non-Fiction?

I love to read – I always have at least 5 books checked out at the local library.
Mostly non-fiction.

You see, I was always reading new fiction – Douglas Coupland, Haruki Murakami, Paolo Coelho to name a few.
I was enjoying it.
But I was reading all these new books in Russian, translated from English, Spanish and other languages.

Slowly English started to push it’s way through, I started taking English classes in local community college, had to read more books and write essays in English. And while my grammar and conversational level of English was slowly improving, my *feeling* of the language was still non-existent.

Until … recently.

I don’t know if it’s an obvious and inevitable break-through, it may be.
But I personally would like to think that it’s my habit of reading blogs that made a change.
And also Anne Lamott book “Bird by Bird”.

I’m starting to feel English language now. It’s not a formula any more, it’s not a dry article and “translate-word-by-word” or “phrase-by-phrase” reading and understanding.
It all make sense now.
When reading a book I don’t just read the words – I see the picture that author is trying to paint (well, most of the time)

I can again be lost in a fiction world … now I have not just one, but two languages to do so…
And it feels great!

+  I hope my writing will improve too.
I’m working on it.

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