New Year Resolutions or 2011 Master To-Do List

Did you make The List of  New Year Resolutions?
Did you follow up on your 2010 New Year’s Resolutions?
How many of them really were done fulfilled?

I have to admit – every year I do make a list of things that I want to accomplish in new year.
I also usually write down and “do-the-math” of the things that were done (or not done) for the past year. It actually feels good to look back and to see how many things were done, how many places visited and people met throughout a year.

As for making plans – I realized that even though a lot of things are getting done in a year, less than 50% of them are the “new year’s resolutions” and something that was planned ahead of time.
I decided to change this. And create a better way to see a list of things that I want myself to accomplish, places to visit and activities to do (some involve planning for the whole family).

After days of thinking-through and inventing system that will work for me (and the one that doesn’t involve too much spending andor buying a new piece of furniture), I created a wall display.

Colorful papers are not easy to neglect and they can cheer up a wall space:

This “To-Do List” is located in our living room, it’s always in front of my eyes as a reminder of how many different things I want to do, but also it’s a “piece of art-and-craft work” by itself.

And when a planned item is getting done, the colorful paper doesn’t go to trash, it ends up in my daily planner, so it will be accounted for at the end of the year.

One month of 2011 had passed.
I already took off 6 papers off that wall cloud.

How many things did you scratched off your Master To-Do List for this year?

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