Ross store in El Cerrito, CA Became a Drive-Trough

*— blog post out of order —*

Saturday.  2 days ago.
After some meetings and photoshoot, we (my family) were about to do some grocery shopping after getting a Linner (lunch + dinner) at local shopping center.
And then we heard a loud noise of glass breaking. Like a tall glass building broke into hundreds of thousands of pieces.
We looked around.
We saw people running to…
the Ross store.
We started to walk there too.
What we saw could have made National news (and similar cases did make national CNN news before):

Apparently the elderly lady who parked in the handicapped spot in front of the Ross Store, mistaken gas and brakes and drove through the door smashing the front door glass, windows (and I think glass cabinets that were inside of the store that are holding the jewelry).

Luckily no one was hurt!
and lucky me – I had a camera in my purse, so I can take pictures of the accident (not that it’s a benefit, but it’s definitely not something that happen every day).

I actually felt like paparazzi there. Since I was the only one holding a DSLR camera and not a phone to take pictures 🙂

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