Tips for Brides #1

I spend a Lot of time on-line. I guess that I can call miself addict. Intenet addict 🙂 But I can’t help it. It’s so many interesting and Useful things that you can find here.

I decided that it will be more fun, more interesting to share my founds. Hopefully it will make someone’s life easier.

I will make a new category named “Tips for Brides”. There I’ll share information from vendors, planners, whose blogs I read and my own thoughts, from my own experience.
So here it goes – post #1 – ” Tips for Brides”.


Wedding Chicks website have few freebies out there. You can download some free materials, that will be a really pretty accent for your reception tables:

  • Label Stickers for Favor Boxes
  • Menu Cards (*Oh, they are So Elegant!!*)
  • Escort Cards

All this items have variations. Go to their website and download them for FREE!


– Photo by AHP Photography –

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