Update and Updates

Yesterday I decided to update a blog theme.
It was a bad idea. Or maybe it was a good idea for the Universe to teach me a lesson – “Do Not Install Updates at 1am”.
So today my blog theme look different and my perfectionist-self “doesn’t like the look at all”.  Font doesn’t look right – it seems to have a mind of it’s own now – strange heights, bold weight where I didn’t want it to and no underline where I do. I can hear my internal Perfectionist punching an invisible sand bag and making “grrrrrr” sound.

oh well.

sometimes we all just have to let go, and not strive for perfection (in order to achive something).

For example my 365 Photo-Project. How many years I did try to follow? How many January(s) I did start taking pictures every day and loading them on Flickr? Looks like in 2009 I was much more successful and productive, than I was in 2010.
Seems like every year I would start enthusiastically and then “forget” or “lose interest”.

I’m going strong.
33 pictures taken. Every day.
I think this year will be different, because I made some changes.
This year I’m taking pictures every day with my cell phone and not with DSLR.
With internet connection  and good Data Plan from Verizon – It’s fast to take and upload pictures to the special blog,
and the fact that I don’t have to edit and sort through all the images, makes it even more appealing.

I’m feeling pretty confident that I can really finish 365 Project this year.


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