Weekend ritual

Do you have personal regular rituals /  traditions?

I really like those. Finding out what others are doing…and  sometimes adopting them and applying to my life. most of them don’t usually survive through the years…  but those personal traditions that were established by me, are lasting. so far.


Every other Saturday … I take my daughter to ballet and while she is in her class I take a walk mto the Natural Hillside Are. On Oasis of real nature and  (almost) no houses … in the middle of the suburban jungle. It is so great to recharge that way, take time to clear my head, think thoughts and sometimes I bring the camera and take pictures:

+ sometimes I find interesting and unexpected things like a koala bear:

There are views to enjoy, smells and sounds of nature. Today I was taking pictures and enjoying the blooming mustard flowers:

is this a cherry?

today the sky was wast, deep and never-ending.

Do you have rituals?
weekend rituals? special activities?
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