. What and Why .


magic word?!
Who doesn’t like Free?
Who doesn’t like to get free things, free upgrades, free resources?

well… I don’t know anybody who doesn’t (if you do – please let me know!).

I am a photographer. I spend a lot of time online. It has been quite a few times, that I told someone where to get Lightroom presets for free, actions for photoshop, marketing materials and templates for blogs – all for FREE – and people did appreciate that, told me “thank you, I didn’t know about that”.

No, I don’t steal, or re-distribute paid resources. I just follow a lot of blogs and forums, pay attention to the links, resources, emails and announcements, and notice What, When and Where Iyou can get things for FREE.  I was told that I am good at that (finding and sharing links) :))

With a little push from my real and online friends I finally decided to create this blog.
It will be a collection of posts that link to other websites and blogs, where you, Photographer, can get FREE stuff. Actions and templates, PDF guides and contracts for your photography business, useful articles, classes, podcasts and webinars.
Whatever I’ll  find – I will post here.


. because I wish someone had this free online photo-Treasury websiteblog  when I just started out.

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