What I’m doing this week | words

busy-busy week.
Going places, visiting people, posting on the internet, scheduling post for Photo-Treasury – Free Resources for Photographers blog, volunteering, filing papers for… a few important things (including a US passport!!! – before the fees go up next week).

Also this week I’m concentrating on the new schedule (well… trying to figure out a new schedule for my life – I have few online classes this semester, one evening class on campus twice a week with a lot of homework. programming homework)

Also this week I’m taking a break from reading. I’m not reading much of the blogs, books (personal) and magazines. I’m not blogging in my Russian blogs… just a break. Trying to clear my head, establish priorities and listen to myself, my intuition, to see what’s more important.

I think everybody need breaks (from reality… kind of) – to step aside, look and evaluate if you are on the right track, if you are doing what you Love, what you need to be doing, ┬áif you will benefit from all this activity in the long run.

Take a break.

Watch. Listen. Observe.

You Do have it inside you.
You Do know the answer.

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