You can do anything, but…

I get so many ideas. Every day.
I’m constantly inpressed, influenced and inspired by everything that is possible and is OUT THERE.
I want to try bookbinding and swing dancing, hot yoga and leather crafts, blogging and making blog templates, design, writing and taking pictures…. and so much more…

project after project, idea after idea… they keep appearing, showing up, and I diligently write them down

– make jars for Etsy shop,
– connect with bloggers,
– post on this blog,
– make new album templates for my Lightroom 3 Template store,
– schedule more posts for Photo-Treasury blog (freebies for photographers)

and then I have blog in Russian, 2 online e-courses I’m teaching I teach and 2 more I’m taking myself right now ….



some days I’m sticking to schedule,  acomplishing a lot, but other days I have to remid myself to slo-oooooooow down…





because …..

picture via From Up North


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